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Sussex Art Gallery to feature the work of Adam Hinterlang

9/24/2018 12:03:34 PM

The Art Gallery at Sussex County Community College is pleased to present Phases: New Drawings by Adam Hinterlang, an installation work featuring over 175 pen and ink drawings on paper. The Opening reception for Phases is on Friday, October 5 from 6 - 8 PM and will continue to be on display until Friday, November 9.

Hinterlang’s studio practice integrates drawing, animation, and sound. Digital media, with its innately pluralistic character, has enabled corollaries between once seemingly disparate areas. He often describes it as having revealed a threshold space where, upon entry, mediums such as drawing and video installation can be unified, creating something new. ‘My work is an exploration of the idea that an image can assume multiple identities and states. Both in opening opportunities for different iterations of a source image as well as what happens when the machine influences the hand moving a pen across a surface.’

The work in Phases is a formal exercise that explores line, color, and form as well as the product of an ongoing meditation on the idea of change through drawing. Phases features over 175 diaphanous, colorful, intricately rendered pen and ink drawings on paper.