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Sussex Student Creates Census Logo

10/31/2019 2:47:40 PM

A design by Sussex County Community College student, Emily Hewitt,  will adorn local Census 2020 marketing materials after her logo was chosen during a partnership between the U.S. Census Bureau and the College.

The partnership was part of the National Census Recruitment Campaign, which aims to hire thousands of local residents to help count people in the region. Graphic Design classes at Sussex were asked to create a new logo and poster campaign for the Census 2020 to help support recruiting events in the area.

“As soon as I saw Emily's design, I knew it was the winner in my eyes,” said Kathleen Peterson, Director of Marketing at Sussex. “Her design is a simple yet powerful message that is clear and concise.”

Hewitt, a Sussex County Community College graduate who is now seeking her second associate degree in design, was assigned the task of creating a census logo in two separate classes. This led to some class brainstorming and a lot of solo sketches and designs. She had to think critically about concepts, color schemes, typography, and more.

Her winning design drew inspiration from New Year’s Eve eyeglasses in the 2000s, in which the middle zeros were the glass frames. Hewitt liked the idea of using numbers as part of a larger visual aesthetic, imagining the zeros in 2020 as the faces of people taking part in the census. In the final draft, two people stand side by side with their hands raised, showing that their voices are being heard.

“I truly feel so grateful,” she said of the honor. Interested in pursuing marketing, this recognition has helped solidify her love of design, and she can’t wait to see what directions her new degree will take her. “I am always on the lookout for different sides of design that spark my creativity and interest.”

The national census takes place every ten years. Completely anonymous, the population numbers and information gathered are used to ensure communities are properly represented in the House of 

Representatives and that they receive appropriate federal funding across a range of services.

Many positions are still available from the Census 2020. These temporary federal jobs pay $21 per hour in Sussex County and are flexible enough to work around anyone’s schedule, whether they attend school, have a primary job, or have a family. For more information on joining the 2020 Census, please visit www.2020census.gov/jobs.

Pictured: Graphic Design Instructor, Kristen Elias stands near student, Emily Hewitt, as they discuss Emily's poster presentation.