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New chair appointed to the SCCC Board

11/23/2018 9:17:28 AM

Sussex County Community College announced a new Chair for the Board of Trustees.

William Curcio, who currently serves as a member on the board, was unanimously selected to replace the current Chair Judge Lorraine Parker this past Tuesday.

Curcio is the founder and managing member of Winston Church Associates. His prior position was the Executive Vice President of Eastern Propane Corporation.

Two additional board members will remain in their positions on the board. Jerry Scanlan and Dr. Tyler Morgus were unanimously selected to continue as the vice chair and treasurer. The position of secretary, held by Rachel Geraci, will be replaced by Michael Spekhardt, both current board members.

According to SCCC President Jon Connolly, Parker will continue to serve on the board until the selection committee finds a replacement. Board members Dr. Bernard Andrews and Maryanne Fox, whose terms have also expired, will remain in their positions until replacements can be secured. Fox is also eligible for a second term.

During the regular meeting on Tuesday, Connolly shared his gratification on the work and commitment Parker has made to the College. His work alongside Parker was noted as a strong partnership between the two.

Parker, appointed to the Board on November 1, 2010, was presented with a plaque for her years of service presented by Curcio and Connolly. The resolution read, in part, that Connolly and the board "do hereby extend their best wishes and lifelong friendship to Judge Lorraine C. Parker and further wish her well in her future endeavors."