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Sussex Receives Outstanding Safety Report

11/26/2019 9:15:48 AM

Sussex County Community College is proud to report that a recent safety inspection from the College’s insurance carrier found no recommendations for safety improvements, an extremely rare result that should be a point of pride for the Sussex community.

“Once every three years our insurance carrier performs a safety inspection of the campus, making sure we are in compliance with safety standards and that everything is labeled and stored properly, including in our science labs,” said Charlene Peterson, Sussex Director of Facilities & Campus Operations.

The safety check, which was completed in late October, was performed by the School Insurance Alliance Fund (SAIF), organized under New Jersey law to help manage risk in state boards of education.

In his after-inspection letter, SAIF Loss Control Consultant, Michael Niznik, wrote, “I am very happy to say that no recommendations are being made by SAIF at this time. This is quite an accomplishment. I very rarely leave a facility without making a recommendation… I would like to compliment you on your Loss Control efforts.”

The inspection included a survey of the school facilities, including whether prior recommendations were followed, a review of SAIF initiatives, and a discussion of loss control plans.

“We are happy to say that they gave us a clean slate,” said Peterson, adding that the College likes to be proactive.

One way it accomplishes this is through the efforts of the College's safety committee, which is made up of various staff and faculty and coordinated by Fred Mamay, the Director of Campus Security & Coordinator of Facilities.

Between the committee and his own department, there are constantly eyes and ears on the grounds and facilities regarding any safety concerns that may arise. This allows them to implement new policies and improvements before they become a problem, Mamay said.

SAIF’s Area Senior Vice President George Morville, Jr. commended Sussex for its accomplishment, congratulating every employee of the College for a collective job well done, saying, “Safety is not an accident, it is a culture that understands risk.”

Sussex County Community College is committed to a safe and healthy working and learning environment for all of its staff and students. Located in Newton, NJ, the College offers dozens of degree and certificate programs. For more information about the College, visit sussex.edu.