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Tuition-Free College Offered

6/17/2024 10:29:00 AM

Attaining an affordable college education is becoming achievable at Sussex County Community College (SCCC) thanks to the rising popularity of the Community College Educational Opportunity Fund Grant (CCOG).

Dr. Cory Homer, Vice President of Student Success, emphasizes that the CCOG Program provides a viable avenue for those who may otherwise struggle to begin their higher education journey. Regardless of age or background, this initiative significantly broadens access to education for many.

The Community College Opportunity Grants make attending community colleges feasible for New Jersey residents. These grants cover tuition and approved educational fees for New Jersey residents with an annual adjusted gross income (AGI) ranging from $0 to $65,000. Residents with AGIs between $65,001 and $80,000 benefit from reduced tuition costs after utilizing up to 50% of the maximum CCOG award available at their community college. The CCOG fills the gap for tuition and fees not already covered by federal and state financial aid or scholarships.

The program ensures that students can pursue quality education without accumulating debt.  SCCC has approximately 72% of students graduating debt-free. High school graduates and individuals without a prior associate degree looking for a career change or advancement can benefit from this opportunity.

To qualify, applicants must:

For further details about the CCOG program, visit sussex.edu/freecollege. To determine eligibility or explore additional financial aid options at Sussex County Community College, contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@sussex.edu.

Registration for the fall semester is currently open, and prospective students can initiate the application process at sussex.edu/apply.