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Campus life at SCCC is the living and learning that takes place outside of the classroom, and it’s a big part of your college experience. It includes service, leadership, and friendships that make college so much more.

The skills you will learn through co-curricular involvement, and your classwork will help you develop your potential to get a job upon completion of your degree. So, join a club, become a student government leader, participate in events, join athletic teams, or hang out with other students at the Campus Life Office. Find the right fit for you.

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Earn College Tuition by becoming an SGA Officer or Student Ambassador

Student Government Officer 22/23 Academic Year

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  • Fill out all requested information
  • Save a copy
  • Email that copy to other students seeking signatures

These emails should be sent one at a time, please instruct those you are seeking signatures from to sign the form, save it, and then email that form with the signature back to you. Then you can save and send it to the next person on your list with the same instructions.

Once you have received all the signatures needed, email the completed form to Amy Rude at, along with the brief campaign video for Canvas

Student Ambassador

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Become a Student Ambassador, and earn college credits, gain leadership skills, and meet new friends along the way. The Spring Student Ambassador Application is now being accepted for the spring semester. To learn more visit, Student Ambassador.

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