Centenary Housing for Sussex Students

In partnership with Centenary University, Sussex offers students housing so they can enjoy a full campus experience and also see substantial cost savings starting their first two years at Sussex.

Living on the Centenary campus and attending classes at Sussex provides students with opportunities to develop lasting friendships, support their academic goals, foster personal growth, and create lifelong memories.  

Sussex students can participate in all the amenities available to Centenary students such as:

  • Access to Centenary Residence Hall
  • A dorm room on the Centenary campus
  • Cafeteria and meal plan options
  • Use of the Library and the Gym on both campuses
  • Social programming offered on both campuses
  • Shuttle service to campus

Pre-Housing Steps:

These steps must be completed before applying for housing at Centenary:


Steps to Secure Housing at Centenary University:

After you have completed all necessary steps above, please finish the following steps to apply for housing at Centenary University. 

  1. Apply for Housing: Once you are registered for classes at Sussex and have finished your financial aid forms, you can apply to reside on the Centenary University Campus.

  2. Housing Deposit: If you are accepted to reside at Centenary, you will receive a Centenary email address, password, and instructions for paying your housing deposit.

  3. Mandatory Housing Orientation: You will receive a date for the Information Session after your deposit has been processed.

  4. Medical Forms: You MUST complete ALL medical forms and upload them to the Centenary Heath portal before you can move on campus.

  5. Move-in Date/Time: After approval from the Health & Wellness Center, you will receive an email from Centenary with a move-in date and time.

  6. Housing Forms & Waivers: Upon move-in, you will meet with Centenary's ResLife to fill out your final housing forms before moving into the halls.

  7. Move in! Meet with your RD and RA, then you will be permitted to move into your assigned space. Welcome to Centenary’s campus!

Housing Benefits at Centenary University:

Dorm Room

Centenary University has space in its eight residence halls for over 700 students. Their residence halls range from a 48 to a 130-bed capacity. 

  • Students get the opportunity to live on their own and learn to be accountable for themselves.
  • You will interact with a diverse group of peers that will expand your worldview and strengthen your global understanding.
  • Meet several classmates/peers and interact with them outside the classroom in a more relaxed environment.


At Centenary, dining features include its award-winning Simple Servings station to provide safe allergen-free choices; the Cyclone Mart, with self-checkout and a salad vending machine; and food-forward menus that focus on local and fresh ingredients. Their team is committed to providing exceptional customer service, culinary excellence, and a safe environment for those dining on campus.

Dining Hall
Campus Life

Sussex students can enjoy the activities, events, and on both the Sussex and Centenary campuses. Centenary offers students many traditional events on their campus to engage students. 

For more information and to fill out the application, please visit the Sussex/Centenary University Housing Partnership page.

Housing Contacts:

  • Centenary University Residence Life: residencelife@centenaryuniversity.edu
  • SCCC Financial Aid: finaid@sussex.edu
  • SCCC Bursar’s Office: bursar@sussex.edu
  • James Robertson, SCCC Head Football Coach: jrobertson@sussex.edu