Student Ambassadors

Become an Ambassador – Get Involved!

The Student Ambassador Program is a way for students to help enrich campus life. The mission is to give students valuable leadership skills that will serve them during their time at Sussex and afterward!

Skylander Mascot Logo for the Campus Life Crew

What to expect:

Like any other job, becoming a Student Ambassador requires hard work, but it's also a lot of fun! At the end of the semester, ambassadors must have worked at least 40, 60, or 80 total hours (4 or 5 hours each week). When deciding whether to become an Ambassador, it's essential to consider your current commitments and workload.

Each Ambassador will receive a work grant to be applied during the semester of service;

  • $840 work grant for a 40-hour Ambassador
  • $1,260 work grant for a 60-hour Ambassador
  • $1,680 work grant for an 80-hour Ambassador

The Skylander Student Ambassador Program allows students to spend the semester assisting Campus Life and the Student Government Association in the organization and execution of various student-run events and initiatives.

Highlights for the semester include:

  • Welcome Week
  • Screen on the Green
  • Skylander Cotillion