Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IORG0008731) at Sussex County Community College (hereafter referred to as “SCCC IRB”) operates according to the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 45, Part 46) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and is guided by the Ethical Principles and Guidelines set forth in the Belmont Report (1979).

As per Title 45, Part 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations and for the purposes of the SCCC IRB, research is defined as “any systematic investigation designed to contribute to a body of generalized public knowledge.” The use of human subjects refers to “data collection through interaction with individuals or the collection of identifiable private information about individuals.” Activities that meet this definition of human subjects research should be submitted to the IRB for review following the procedures described in both this manual and on the Institutional Research, Planning, Assessment, and Distance Learning section of the SCCC website. The purpose of this review process is to determine whether the research design and activities will adequately protect the rights and welfare of the participants.

This manual has been created by the current members of the SCCC IRB. It is intended to be utilized by both internal and external members of the community who are interested in research involving human subjects at Sussex County Community College.

IRB Resources:

How IRBs Protect Research Participants: