SCCC Student Farm

The student farm project at Sussex County Community College embraces Innovation - one of the College’s core values. The SCCC Student Farm is fostering a risk-taking, pathfinding, and action-oriented culture by empowering students in our changing world.

Is Agriculture really changing? YES, changing in ways that positively influence our world. Agriculture is no longer a field of old patterns and behaviors, instead, it's experienced farmers alongside new farmers who are engaged in a significant profession with exciting information emerging all the time. Together we are changing agriculture paradigms.

Students sit in the field at the farm planning their crops


Design a working farm business model in which students can learn to grow, cultivate, and produce food and other agricultural commodities distributed within our SCCC community and the Sussex County Community.

A view of the student farm with dirt piles from the back of a red truck.


Create farm production in partnership with our primary customer. The SCCC Student Farm’s primary customer is the Culinary Arts Program. In addition to the regular courses offered through the program, the program supervisor is working closely with the Dean and other SCCC faculty members to develop a working retail restaurant space for hands-on learning.

A student digs a pile of mulch out of a red wheelbarrow.


Compost is the greatest recycled product. SCCC Student Farm has plans to integrate a Community Composting Initiative to reduce landfill inputs and create a natural, nutrient-rich compost for the plants and their biological community!

A field of colorful flowers.


Grow a diversity of vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and flowers, and cover crops, pollinator plants, and our seed. Future production may include grains, small fruits, and other interesting crops.

Image of potatoes and onions on a farm stand with the Farm logo.


Market produce and farm products at our Farmstand on the Farm and on our Main College Campus.

Donate produce through LocalShare, a program of the Foodshed Alliance in which gleaners help harvest unwanted farm produce, and donate it to local food banks.

Invest in the growing needs of the SCCC Student Farm and support the salary of SCCC Student Farm Interns, scholarships, and much more.

Steward the SOIL. We will care for the land and the soil for generations to come!

Partnerships In addition to our commitment to student success, SCCC is dedicated to partnerships and relationships in our community that strengthen the College’s role within economic development for Sussex County.

The Foodshed Alliance’s Sustainable Agriculture Enterprise (SAgE) is an opportunity for our student community to learn, be innovative and practice resilient and organic agriculture as New Jersey’s Future Farmers will face a sincere challenge to grow enough food for our ever-changing world.


SCCC Agriculture School has a vision of developing a robust student-run farm that will equip students with the tools they need to approach agricultural and horticultural practices, businesses, and employment with deliberate consideration for both economics and ecology.


SCCC Agriculture School’s number one goal is rooted in student success. SCCC Agricultural Business and Horticultural Science programs provide students with quality learning opportunities needed for transfer, employment, and lifelong learning.