FAQ Honors Program

  1. Why should I participate in the Honors Program?

The classes offered through the Honors Program afford students the opportunity for an in-depth examination of the subject matter. If a student is highly motivated and willing to meet the more demanding standards of an honors class, the student will find the honors class work challenging, enriching, and rewarding. There are also partnerships with selective four-year institutions that SCCC’s Honors Program students may transfer to.  

  1. Will an Honors Program course transfer to a four-year college or university?

Honors Program courses meet the criteria for General Education courses, and such courses as Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Statistics, and English Composition I and II, are fully transferable.  Additionally, the course's designation on the student’s transcript will indicate the class as an Honors course. If the college you are transferring to also offers an honors program, there is no guarantee that SCCC honors courses will transfer as honors courses.