Student, Alumni & Program Spotlights

Our students are incredible, each one with their own unique story of how they accomplished their goals.

Each one sharing their unique journey to complete their degree and take the next step in their education. These are the stories that make Sussex proud of our academics, our campus, our staff, faculty and most importantly our students. Students will always come first!


Ariel Stampone, Current Student

Arielle Stampone


“I came to Sussex because I wasn’t ready to go away to college. When I started, it became a reality that I needed to apply myself. In just a short time, I realized the college had so much to offer, and I felt right at home.

Sussex is not a college to fall back on; it should be your first choice. I wasn’t ready when I first arrived, but I was so prepared to graduate and move on to my 4-year college. The professors love what they are doing, which made me love what they were teaching.

There are so many benefits to graduating first before transferring, not to mention saving money and decreasing my overall debt for my college education. I’m so excited to continue my journey at my 4-year college.”

Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong


“Everything about starting at Sussex made perfect sense. I knew I wanted to stay close to home, and I could not pass up the affordability. I am attending on the NJ STARS program, which covers my tuition for the spring and fall semesters. The location is close to home, and the low costs made it a no-brainer.

As a student athlete, I was able to continue my passion for sports on highly competitive teams while still getting a quality education. It allowed me to form close friendships with my teammates The best part about Sussex is being in a close-knit community atmosphere.

So many students overlook Sussex because it is not the ‘big dream college,’ but they do not realize the opportunities they pass up. I will never regret my decision for coming to Sussex because of all the positive experiences I have had so far.”

Bill McGovern

Bill McGovern

Criminal Justice Professor

Assistant Professor Bill McGovern serves as our Criminal Justice Program Coordinator. He brought more than 31 years of law enforcement service experience to Sussex when he joined the faculty in 2005.

“Teaching at Sussex is such a rewarding experience. The energy, passion and respect of our students is second to none. Some amazing things are happening in our classrooms. Working with these wonderful students brings so much satisfaction to my life. Their success in the classroom, in the community and in the workplace is a credit to this caring institution. What a wonderful place to start your dream!”

Automotive - Featured Program


Featured Program

The Sussex Automotive Services Technology program is expanding with more opportunities for students. Sussex and Subaru University of America have aligned the Automotive Services Technology program to give students the advantage of being trained from an industry leader. The Sussex Automotive curriculum is now infusing Subaru-U web-based training into their current curriculum.

In addition, the automotive program has an internship partnership with the Neilson Automotive Group. Through this partnership, students will be placed at a Nielsen dealership location and have the opportunity to shadow experienced service technicians, enabling them to better apply their knowledge and hone their individual skills.

These new partnerships provide students in the program with employment options upon completion of their required certification. This Automotive Services Technology program is offered as an Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate.

For more information, email Jason Fruge, program coordinator.