The Writing Center

We help writers at any stage of the writing process—from choosing a topic to drafting and revising—for any writing project. 

We help writers learn more about everything from thesis statements and organization to grammar and citation methods, though we don’t edit or proofread your work (check for and fix grammar or formatting errors), we will be glad to help you learn to edit and proofread your own writing.

Online Consultation is now available, send your drafts to us for review!

Two options for online coaching:

Online Appointment:

  • Students can make an appointment during the hours the Writing Center is open and submit their assignment to a Writing Coach during an allotted time slot.
  • The Writing Coach will then read over the assignment in that 30-45 minute session while having an online conversation with the student client.
  • If you choose an online appointment, log back into this website approximately five to ten minutes before the start of your appointment. Then, open your appointment and click "Start or Join Online Consultation." Ideal for speaking with a coach in real time to get suggestions and advice on a draft.

eTutoring Appointment:

  • Students can choose this option and submit their assignment to a Writing Coach at any time during the day.
  • The Writing Coach will read the assignment and offer feedback on the draft.
  • If you choose an eTutoring appointment, upload your paper after making this appointment.
  • Then, watch your email for a notification that your appointment has been modified or that someone has responded to your paper. Please allow up to 24 hours for our Writing Coaches to modify or amend your assignment.

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Writing Coaching


What you need to know

When a student signs up for a session, he or she will speak with one of our peer coaches about their writing. There is no pressure to finish your essay in one or even a few sessions! 

  • Writing coaches are here to discuss, motivate, and support you through the writing process.
  • Although we do not edit or proofread your writing, we will provide tips for editing and proofreading. Being able to develop writing patterns and skills on your own is crucial.
  • Come with a notebook or a laptop and your writing assignment. Although we do not edit your essay, you are encouraged to bring whatever you have thus far in the writing process. From there we will help you develop a plan to complete your assignment by helping you with prewriting, drafting, and writing.
  • Sessions last between 30-45 minutes followed up with a written record of what was worked on during the meeting to help the next peer coach in subsequent sessions.
  • Because we have peer coaches from different majors, we encourage students from all different courses to come to the center.

Our writing coaches are current students at Sussex dedicated to helping you through the writing process. Each writing coach will listen, offer advice, and help create a strategy for completing your assignment.

Schedule an Appointment Walk-ins are also welcome.

Use your Sussex email and create a password to schedule an appointment with a peer coach. If you are unable to secure the desired time, there is a waitlist that automatically lets you know if another student cancels their appointment.