Student ID & Parking Pass

Image of the entrance to the Security Office, full length glass door on a brick building.Students can get their Student ID and parking decal from the Security Office located in the Student Center next to the Student Center Theater.

Student ID Cards

Each Sussex County Community College student will be issued a Student Identification Card (ID). Students should have their card in their possession at all times since it must be presented as authorization of enrollment when requested by College officials.

  • All students need a Student ID card.
  • Students can obtain their Student ID card from the Security Office located in the Student Center next to the Student Center Theater.
  • A copy of your schedule or receipt from the Bursar’s Office must be presented in order to receive an ID. All students must obtain a valid ID card in order to use the Library. In addition, athletic events, intramurals, and other campus activities also require an ID.
  • Students should carry their ID card at all times so that it can be presented as validation of enrollment.
  • A $5 fee will be charged for replacement cards.

Parking on Campus

Sussex County Community College provides parking for students, faculty and staff in marked parking lots for convenient access to buildings on both the upper and lower campuses. Parking is provided free of charge, however, all vehicles must be registered with SCCC and display a valid SCCC parking decal. Student and faculty/staff decals and permits may be obtained in the Student Center (D) Building at the Security Office during normal business hours.

Be sure to bring your license plate number and student ID number (if applicable) with you. Decals must be displayed on the lower area of the left side rear window. There is no additional cost for new or replacement parking decals. Valid parking decals will have an expiration date.

The College is not responsible for lost or stolen items, or damage to vehicles. Be sure to lock your vehicle and place any packages or valuables in the trunk or out of sight. Visitors to campus shall be directed by security to appropriate visitor parking.

These regulations are designed to make parking and traffic at Sussex as convenient and safe as possible. Regulations apply to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Students are permitted to park in designated “Student Parking” areas only. Staff and faculty must park in Staff designated parking areas only. Absolutely no student, staff or faculty parking in “Visitor or Reserved” spaces. All parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day.

The following parking or traffic violations may result in a citation, towing of the vehicle or other actions:

  • Parking in posted restricted/reserved space, handicap space, yellow curb, fire lane, no parking space or visitor space.
  • Parking in non-designated parking areas around buildings (other than emergency vehicles and deliveries).
  • Parking illegally, such as parking on a curb, seeded areas, walkways, blocking a driveway, blocking dumpsters or wheelchair ramps, or occupying more than one parking space.
  • Vehicle registration violation, such as not displaying a current decal or a temporary permit.
  • Overnight parking.