CARE Team Form

Thank you for sharing your concerns for a student at Sussex County Community College. By sharing your concerns, you are contributing to a community that helps to support one another and maintain a healthy and safe campus.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please note that if this report involves an imminent risk of harm to self, others, or property, please call 911 then Campus Security at 973-300-2222.

Review of the referral may not occur until regular business hours, and the referral process is not designed to address emergencies.

For any assistance in completing this form, please contact the Dean of Students Discipline at 973-300-2254.

Student of Concern Report


Behavior that prompted you to share your concerns:
Please select all the types of concerns that you have regarding the student in question:

Please describe the behaviors that have prompted you to share your concerns. Please use as much detail as possible, including dates for any specific concerns. If the matter involves threats or comments related to self-harm or harm to others, please include exact quotes and how these comments were communicated).