What's New in Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture - You have likely heard of sustainable and organic farming. Still, in recent years, farmers, growers, agronomists, and soil nerds have determined that sustainable and organic is not enough. We are working on regenerating the soil to bring back the life and structure it needs, and in turn, the soil provides plants with everything they need to survive and thrive!

Soil Biology - There is abundant life under our feet! We are learning that the Soil Food Web is not only the life of the soil, but it has an intricate and beautiful relationship with our plants and crops. When we become stewards of the soil, we encourage this relationship to flourish.

Cover Crops - Having plant cover on the land may be the most beneficial act a farmer can make. It is not uncommon to see a field taken out of crops at the end of the harvest season and put into a winter cover crop such as winter rye or winter wheat but now, we are seeing the benefit of adding multiple cover crops at one time to add diversity with multiple plant families! There are cover crops recipes with up to 21 plant species in one planting!

Plant Nutrition - The above combination of cover crops (having plant cover on the land) in rotation with cash crops alongside increasing soil biology creates a formula for providing essential plant nutrients without costly inputs!

Nutrient-Dense Food for a Healthier Human Race-healthy soil leads to healthy crops, which means healthy people.