Paying for College

Covid-19 Related Update

All emails to the college should use your Student email only and include your Student ID

Withdrawal refunds
Withdrawal refunds will not be offered past the refund dates as long as your class continues it's coursework online.  If you still wish to withdraw to not affect your GPA contact the Registrar's Office Be sure to check with Financial Aid first to see what consequences withdrawing may cause.

Most Financial Aid refunds have been processed as of Friday, March 20th.  
Check refunds undoubtedly will be received after Erefunds. Students with refunds not yet processed (pending Financial Aid) are asked to enroll in ERefund. Click here to enroll in ERefund though CashNet.

Affordable tuition rates and generous financial aid packages allow many students to graduate with little or no debt. You may also apply for scholarships, enroll in an interest-free payment plan, and utilize loan options that make your educational dreams a possibility.

Ways to Pay for College

  1. Select a Payment Option

  2. Pay as you go with an Interest-free Payment Plan. 
    Sign up in Cashnet.

  3. Pay with Financial Aid

Get Additional Assistance

  • Apply for Scholarships
  • Apply for Federal Work-Study at Sussex
  • Secure Veteran Benefits
  • Arrange payment by third-party funding

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